I am a Chemist. I am a Creative. I am a woman of color. Eumelanin is a clothing brand that merges my scientific and creative side. I wanted to use my talents and life experiences to address issues of colorism that I’ve faced in my community that exist around the world. Eumelanin is a clothing brand designed to redefine what it means to be beautiful in every shade.

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, which currently has the largest percentage of African Americans in the United States at 84%. I grew up in Southwest Detroit, which is one of the most diverse populations in the city comprised of African Americans, Latin Americans, and Arab Americans. I witnessed first hand how our skin tones and shades were used to separate and invalidate us. Eumelanin is a brand designed to challenge behavior that does not honor any of us. To bring to the forefront behaviors we have accommodated and tolerated because we were afraid to speak up. I envision a brand that has an impact on colorism globally. A brand that celebrates self-love holistically and combats negativity associated with brown and black people because of their skin tone.

Eumelanin is not only my brand it has grown into something more, my therapy. I believe we have a responsibility by the way we live our lives and when we open our mouths to empower, to love and to teach; so I created Eumelanin.



Founder and CEO Deirdre Roberson

Founder and CEO Deirdre Roberson

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